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Do you guys have ello? I just got one and I’m lonelyyyyy

we can add each other and talk or something! : )

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Heh I found these on a notebook from last year from when I bought the “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” vinyl and I was completely obsessed (YES THE AWESOME REVIEWS AND POPULARITY ARE FOR A REASON everyone should listen to this ahhh)

I did a drawing for every single song on the album but some of the drawings were messy and ugly and I decided not to include them haha

BTW yes I am aware Jeff Mangum was talking about Anne Frank and I some of the drawings portrayed her but these are not exactly trying to show the real meaning but more what they mean to me?? hmm

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Anonymous asked: I just followed you and want to say your art is absolutely wonderful! You must have worked really hard to gain the level of skill you've attained, and should be proud of yourself :) Have a great day!


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Anonymous asked: I'm 14 and I still don't have my period. Do you think that's ok?


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Anonymous asked: have you seen httyd? are you gonna see the sequel? and have you drawn anything from it? sorry if this is too nosy or too many questions or something idk

haha its okay! <3 YES I HAVE OBVIOUSLY SEEN HHTYD and I sure as heck will go see the sequel and glee and just get excited overall.

I did some fanart at the time but it was so long ago i think it’d be easier to find on my forgotten DA account (here ya go)

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UGH I&#8217;m so lame I accidentally reblogged this and then deleted the real post so have this thing again (sorry aaahh)

UGH I’m so lame I accidentally reblogged this and then deleted the real post so have this thing again (sorry aaahh)

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stuff from my instagram

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I’ll just…dump here a bunch of stuff I dont plan on finishing haha. Some of them are really old and crappy but w/e

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I scribbled these quickly to take a break from studying

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I was tired of doing homework

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leg hair looks so cute when it starts to grow back

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I did this today and I felt kinda bad for my eyes

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quick color studies i did for class

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Anonymous asked: i have trouble drawing faces looking to the left :c have you ever had this problem?

Back when I was younger I -just- started having this problem when I read that it was a thing, but it’s pretty easy to solve! Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas Horizontal (he he he heheheheim kidding im sorry dont listen to this)

ok no you know what you have to do? DRAW A LOT OF FACES FACING LEFT. 

"Practice with your fingers and you need all day. Practice with your mind and you will do as much in 1 1/2 hours."

So basically, if you draw having a goal in mind, and commit topracticing that subject for some time, you will actually SEE improvement really quickly. 

Drawing brainlessly works too but seeing results in improvement might take a looooong time. I’m doing these mini-challenges where I buy a cheap sketchbook and give it a theme. (my theme this week is “double chins” haha)



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